About EZE Hostels

EZE Group Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2019. The http://ezehostels.com/ is the fastest and Reliable Hostel search company in Nepal. The company listed hundreds of private Hostels (Boys & Girls) inside and outside Kathmandu valley in Nepal. The Company mainly focused in giving good facilities and services at lower monthly fee.  The http://ezehostels.com/ makes good platform for the hosteller as well as hostel owner.


The http://ezehostels.com/ is playing good relationships between hostel owner and hostellers by giving modern facilities and services. This is the fastest hostel search platform. Student can easily find their best hostels anywhere by comparing the prices and facilities. The hosteller can book their best selected hostel by clicking three buttons within 10 seconds.


The EZE Group Pvt. Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Nepal Hostel Association in 24th November 2019. The MoU includes different clauses and understanding. Nepal Hostel Association gave full authority to register the entire member hostel in Nepal. Nepal Hostel Association has more than 700 hostels all over Nepal. Nepal Hostel Association do not give any authority to other online company to register the member hostel all over Nepal.


Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. More than 70% of the hostels are in Kathmandu District. There are more than 500 private hostels in Kathmandu city, mostly in Putalisadak, New plaza, Dillibazar, Anamnagar, Baneshwor, Buddhanagar, Kirtipur area. The Hostel business is quite good for the small business house. The hostel business is not a fully profit oriented business; it is a type of giving good service for students and non-students by giving good environment at low cost. Lalitpur is the second largest city for hostel Business. More than 100 private hostels [Girls & Boys] in Lalitpur. Kathmandu Valley is one of the biggest educational hubs in Nepal.



         “Making Easy Platform to Find a Hostel anywhere by giving High Quality Services at Reasonable Price.”



  “Being Nepal’s Fastest and Reliable Hostel Search Platform”